Dies and Fixtures

Our Design and Die shops are professionally managed technology centres providing complete sheet metal and die engineering solutions to the automotive sector globally.

Die Designing

We design dies for draw, trim, pierce, flange, restrike, cam flange, cam trim and cam pierce operations. They are suitable for single-action, double-action, transfer and tandem press lines.


Formability Analysis

We ensure error-free product development through rigorous formability analysis as part of the die-design process. All sheet metal panels are analyzed using software like Hyperform-Radioss, LS-Dyna and Fast Form and an optimized blank size is generated. This reduces turnaround time and product manufacturing costs creating additional value for our customers.


Die Manufacturing and Tryout

Our world-class machining facilities are equipped with Okuma and Hartford CNC machines. Our products undergo a rigorous tryout process to optimize die functionality and panel quality. We take responsibility for the installation and commissioning of dies at the home line press shop.